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  1. Social Media Integrity Blog, Episode 5: Jane Schmid

    Jane Schmid is a recently graduated senior and is returning to U-M in the fall to pursue her Masters in Nutritional Sciences at the School of Public Health. She is also a yoga instructor and an avid reader, runner, and singer. Jane also grew up with a love for food and cooking from her mother….

  2. Blackout Tuesday posts are drowning out vital information shared under the BLM hashtag

    While many of these posts are well-intentioned, posting a blank, black image with the BLM hashtag is clogging up important channels used to spread information and updates.

  3. Social Media Integrity Blog, Episode 4: Somya Bhagwagar

    Somya Bhagwagar has just graduated from University of Michigan’s School of Information with a Bachelor of Science in Information and double minor in Science, Technology, and Society and Business Administration. She combined her interests of storytelling, photography, and information security to create the @studentsofumich Instagram and Facebook blog. This platform allows students at U-M to…

  4. Social Media Integrity Blog, Episode 3: Grant Floto

    Grant Floto is a graduating senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Grant has worked as a content specialist and photographer with #UMSocial. He championed the #Victors2020 Instagram project for the @uofmichigan account where he captured the experience of 30 seniors through a…

  5. Social Media Integrity Blog, Episode 2: Bella Jung

    Bella Jung is a junior at U-M double-majoring in business and user-experience design. Bella’s creativity and outgoing personality inspired her to create her own YouTube channel and personal vlog. Her videos capture a candid representation of her experience as a University of Michigan student. Many prospective students have even used her channel as a tool…

  6. Social Media Integrity Blog, Episode 1: Bella Malatesta

    One of the most powerful things about social media is the platform for expression it provides. Individuals can share their stories and become advocates and inspirations for others. Students at U-M have harnessed this potential and used their personal media to do just this. Bella Malatesta is a sophomore at U-M majoring in communications, with…

  7. In video chats, familiar forms of online harassment make a comeback

    “Zoombombing” has risen as a new form of organized, online harassment where a group video call is intentionally hijacked to show something inappropriate or offensive. As educational institutions have moved online, these attacks continue to grow.

  8. #COVID-19: Social media both a blessing and a curse during coronavirus pandemic

    This “infodemic” compromises the abilities of government and scientific officials to release accurate information to the public. Strategies to combat public confusion going forward rely on the cooperation of social media platforms.

  9. How COVID-19 Is Testing Social Media’s Ability to Fight Misinformation

    Millions of mentions of COVID-19 online, how much of it is actually true? Major social media platforms have taken unprecedented steps to prevent the spread of misinformation.  

  10. How to Prevent Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing

    Social media provides a platform for connection in a time when we have to practice social distancing. Here’s advice for preserving your mental health while avoiding physical proximity.